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Coversplash Basics

What is coversplash?
At coversplash, we put our photographers first. We believe that professional as well as amateur photographers deserve a place where they can interact and share their photos, knowledge, and inspiration through a beautifully design-focused website. This is why we give every photographer a free website and the abilty to sell their work for 100% commission.
How does coversplash work?
It's simple. Pick a website design from one of our elegant templates and start uploading! We make it easy to not only share your work, but also to gain exposure through our community of thousands of photographers.
Why join us?
Because, we care. No service gives photographers a free website, a fully integrated e-commerce system, and 100% commission. Period.
How is coversplash different from other photo-sharing sites?
We're not just another social photography network. We give every photographer their own professional front on the outside by providing them with their own personal website. However, internally their are thousands of photographers interacting with each other.
Who is coversplash?
We're a diverse team of 4 in our early twenties obssesed with coffee, music and photography, but with one common goal, which is to create the most amazing experience for photographers around the world. For more on our team visit our about page or come work with us!


How do I upload a photo?
You can upload photos via your navbar. Just click on the "Upload" button conveniently located to the right of your name in the navbar.
How do I edit a photo?
You can edit a photo by clicking on "Edit Portfolio" in the drop-down under the gear icon in the navbar.
Can I import photos from other sites?
Of Course! You can now upload photos from your Flickr, Instagram, and 500px.
What is a portfolio?
Your portfolio is your personal website. It has everything you need to show the world how great of a photographer you are!
What is an exhibit?
An exhibit is an album of photos that pertain to a certain subject. For example, you may take lots of photos of city skylines leading you to create an exhibit titled "Super Cool Cities."


How do I access my portfolio?
Click on "Me" in the navbar, then click on "My Portfolio."
How do I message people?
You can view your messages by rolling over "Me" in the navbar, then clicking "Messages." You can directly message someone by clicking on the "Message" button on the right side of a photographer's website.
How do I change my profile picture?
You can change your profile picture by clicking on "Edit Portfolio" in the navbar then clicking on "Profile."


How do I purchase a photo?
To purchase a photo, click on a photo and on the right side you will see "Buy Print" and a button with the price of the image.
What types of payments do you accept?
As of now, we accept all payments via paypal.
What kinds of license option do you offer?
Coversplash offers two license options, Royalty Free and Rights Manage. To view more on our license options, visit our terms page.
How do I sell my photo?
When uploading or importing photos, you are given the option to mark your photo for sale with a custom price. If initially you marked it "Not for Sale," you can always click on "Edit Portfolio" (located in the drop-down under your name in the navabar) and edit the attributes you previously set.


What is a Gallery?
A gallery is an album of photos with a specific category (Editor's Choice, Most Favorited, Newest).
What is Stream?
Stream is a collection of photos that have been recently uploaded and have been able to quickly accumulate views, favorites, and comments.
What is Newest?
Only recently uploaded photos from the photographer's you follow will appear in the "Newest" gallery. This is why you should follow lots of photographers, so that you have awesome images to constantly look at in your newsfeed.
What is Editor's Choice?
The "Editor's Choice" gallery showcases photos hand-picked by the coversplash team.
What is Most Favorited?
The "Most Favorited" gallery is there for you to stumble upon some of the best photos on coversplash. These are photos that have accumulated lots of favorites.


Can I submit a blog post?
If you would like to submit a blog post, send it in by accessing our contact page. The coversplash editors will then review the article and e-mail you back with their thoughts.


How do I subscribe?
To purchase a subscription, navigate to the "Subscriptions" page and select the membership that best fits you.
How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel a subscription, contact our team and we will immediately refund you your money if your subscription was purchased less than 14 days ago.
Is there an incentive for referring other people to coversplash?
Of course! Just have the person you referred e-mail us your name when they sign up, and you'll receive 40% of the sale.
What types of payment do you accept?
All of our transactions are made via paypal.
Can I have my own domain?
Yup! Our premium acount offers photographers the ability to have ther own domain and store.
Can I have my own personal store?
Yup! Our premium acount offers photographers the ability to have ther own domain and store.
Is there a free trial?
Yup! Each account comes with a 14 day free trial. At coversplash, we work very hard to create the most awesome experience for our users. This is why we refund you your money within 14 days, if you are not happy. No questions asked.